For Mothers… Let’s Breathe!

I found this lovely Buddhist practice of compassion on

Tonglen* for Mothers
– DeLona Campos-Davis

I breathe in the daily frustrations
small as they are, big as they can seem
I breath out patience for us all.

I breathe in the loneliness
of days spent mothering on our own
I breathe out connection
community, compassion.

I breathe in the brokenness
not being enough in the world
I breathe out wholeness
leaving ideals behind, truth.

I breathe in the boredom
diapers, cooking, same every day
I breathe out simple pleasure
swings, finger painting, rocks.

I breathe in the exhaustion,
the worry, the fear
I breathe out the calm energy, excitement.

I breathe in the rage
at your plight, your place, your life
I breathe out peace
contentment, courage.

*Tonglen is a traditional Buddhist practice of compassion. In order to have compassion for ourselves, we cultivate it for others. We take in the difficult parts of mothering, for ourselves and for all mothers and send out compassion and love.

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