16 November: International Restorative Yoga Day

Introducing Restorative Yoga

Yoga Tea Restorative Yoga WorkshopsJoin us on Saturday 16 November for a very special charity Restorative Yoga Class.

11.15-12.15, Saturday 16 November
£5 per person suggested donation – booking essential – please enter your name and email address below.

The purpose of International Restorative Yoga Day is to help raise awareness about the benefits of this unique and accessible way of practicing yoga.

The proceeds from my special class for International Restorative Yoga Day will be passed on directly to mental health charity Rethink, in acknowledgement of the positive effects of Restorative Yoga for those coping with stress, anxiety and related conditions. According to Rethink’s website, 1 in 4 people in the UK are affected by mental illness. The third Saturday of November was specifically chosen to celebrate International Restorative Yoga Day to introduce people to an easy and accessible stress-reduction technique at the start of winter and the festive season, a time of year marked by increased stress for most people.

What is International Restorative Yoga Day?

The inaugural International Restorative Yoga Day (IRYD) is scheduled for Saturday, November 16, 2013, with the aim of fostering greater awareness of the healing benefits of restorative yoga. The goal of this year’s event is to have 1,000 studios around the world offering a restorative yoga class or workshop on IRYD.

Restorative yoga is unique in that a number and variety of yoga props are used to support the body in gentle, effortless poses. The premise being that this support invites the body to naturally release, letting go of deeply held muscular tension and stress. This then invokes a state of healing, rest, and renewal.

“This form of yoga is the perfect antidote to our increasingly stressful and fast-paced lives,” shares Lora Sasiela, RYT, restorative yoga teacher and founder of International Restorative Yoga Day.

Restorative yoga is truly accessible to anyone – regardless of body type, body size, fitness level and age. “It’s a shame that so many people – even fitness fanatics – feel intimated or fearful about walking into a yoga class for the first time. One reason is that our culture is infused with images of yogis twisted up into pretzels, standing on their head, or seated in deep meditation,” states Sasiela. By raising awareness about the gentleness and ease of this type of yoga, International Restorative Yoga Day, aspires to dispel these common misconceptions, and invite everyone into the yoga studio to experience the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of restorative yoga.

By activating the relaxation response in the nervous system, just a few of the many positive responses from participating in restorative yoga include: reduced cortisol (the stress hormone), improved immunity, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, better digestion and elimination, and enhanced fertility.

The third Saturday of November was chosen to celebrate IRYD specifically to introduce people to an easy and accessible stress-reduction technique right before the holiday season, a time of year marked by increased stress for most people. Sasiela explains, “The thinking was that by someone experiencing the benefits of restorative yoga class before the actual holiday craziness sets in, it will plant a seed of serenity, and that person will know they can return to another restorative class during the holiday season, or even simply do a pose or two at home.”

Visitors to the International Restorative Yoga Day website will find a searchable directory of participating yoga studios and informative resources (articles, videos, audio files) about restorative yoga, including “Tips For Your First Restorative Yoga Class.”


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