17 August: Family Yoga Fun Day

Sunday 17 August, 10.30-1.30pm

A very special yoga workshop / summer party for all the babies and toddlers currently enjoying classes here. A chance to bring older siblings along, and Dads too, to catch up with all our friends and enjoy some fun yoga together!  Please bring your own picnic or items to share. Tea, coffee, juice and milk for the kids will be provided.

Children of all ages are welcome.

Family Yoga Fun Day

10.30-11.15 Postnatal & Baby Yoga Class (non-mobile babies only)

11.30-12.15 Family Yoga Class (all ages)

12.15-1.00 Picnic in the Garden

1.00-1.30 “Animal Parade” in the Garden (all ages)

There will be no official childcare arrangements but it may be possible to arrange supervision for older children during the postnatal and baby yoga class between the adults present. Throughout the day there will shelter in the garden in our spacious bell tent and various garden games and toys. Dressing up and face-painting encouraged for the animal parade. Severe weather may cause a cancellation but a bit of drizzle will not put us off!

Family Fun Day Booking

We need to know numbers for this event so please please complete the booking form below and send your payment in advance (we’ll let you know how when we receive your form).

1 adult + 1 child – £5
Extra adult – £2
Extra child – £1



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