4 October: Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

Pregnancy Yoga Workshop

Saturday 4 October, 10am – 1pm

Yoga for pregnancy is a holistic way of remaining healthy and happy during pregnancy and a method for preparing for a positive birth experience.

The workshop covers all of the basic elements of Pregnancy Yoga (postures, breathing, relaxation, visualisation and partner work). Each element will be introduced with some explanation of why we do it and how it can help you maintain a healthy pregnancy and prepare for the birth of your choice. An information pack is available at your first session.

Each workshop is £20 per person or you can book any 3 workshops for £50.  If you are travelling from further afield these workshops are available as part of a residential package so you might like to combine your trip with a pregnancy massage, birth preparation workshop, a walk by the sea or just some quiet time to connect with the baby.

The pregnancy yoga programme focusses on five key areas of yoga practice:

  1. Postures (asana) – stable, comfortable and enjoyable postures for finding ease in the body, encouraging the baby into an optimal position for delivery, comfortable positions for use in labour and birth.
  2. Breathing (pranayama) – for calming the mind and reducing stress, increasing oxygen supply to baby and to approach childbirth without pain.
  3. Relaxation / Restorative Yoga – for experiencing deep rest and managing the interrupted sleep cycles of late pregnancy and early motherhood.
  4. Visualisation / Self-Hypnosis (yoga nidra) – for overcoming fear and anxiety and leaving only positive impressions in the mind – for use in natural birth or C-section.
  5. Partner Work – simple supportive exercises and massage techniques that can be shared with birth partners. Preparation for birth workshops for individuals or couples can also be arranged.

Each workshop is £20 or you can book 3 for £50. It is recommended where possible to attend your first workshop between your 12th and 16th week of pregnancy so that you have time to attend at least three workshops before your due date and become familiar with the content.

Please get in touch for support or advice regarding yoga for pre-conception and your first trimester.

Future workshop dates:

Saturday 19 November

From January 2015, pregnancy yoga workshops will take place once a month on Friday evenings. Dates TBC. Please get in touch to register your interest.

Further information about Pregnancy Yoga and Postnatal Yoga.

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