New Friday Evening Relaxation and Meditation Course (April – July 2015)

aspacetobe_lucymaresh_2015_sqRelaxation and Meditation Fridays 5.45-6.45pm Introductory Session / Enrolment: Friday 10 April – £6 per person 12 Week Course: 24 April – 22 May and 5 June – 17 July – £72 per person To register your interest please contact us. Suitable for any level of practice including complete beginners, this course will include practices lying down, standing up and sitting (can be in a chair). We will cover some basic anatomy and yoga philosophy to help understand the body-mind connection and benefits of these restful practices.

  • Learn how to “switch off”,  “let go” and sit “still”!
  • Find alignment and minimise effort in standing, seated and lying positions.
  • Release tension and maximise your breath.
  • Increase your capacity for stillness.
  • 12 week commitment and 12 week support!
Week Date Content
1 24 April Letting Go: focus on ease and alignment lying down
2 1 May Standing Tall: focus on ease and alignment when standing up
3 8 May Sitting Still: focus on ease and alignment in seated postures
4 15 May Anatomy of the spine
5 22 May The nervous system
No class Friday 29 May
6 5 June Using affirmations for healing or change
7 12 June Philosophy – eight limbs of yoga
8 19 June Regulating the breath (Asana and Pranayama)
9 26 June Internalising the senses (Pratyahara)
10 3 July Concentration and focus (Dharana)
11 10 July Absorption (Dhayana)
12 17 July What is Samadhi?

For further information or to register your interest please contact us.

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