Pregnancy Yoga – Kneeling Sequence

This kneeling sequence is especially helpful for encouraging your baby into the ideal position for delivery – “optimal foetal position”. It is recommended that you spend 15 minutes a day on hands and knees to help the baby roll into a position with its head down and its spine lying against your belly. That sounds like a long time but it will fly by if you practise this yoga sequence!

Caution: The exercises explained here are suitable for most women experiencing a low-risk pregnancy. If in any doubt, please consult your midwife.

Begin this practice with the Heart Womb Breathing Exercise

1. Baby in the Hammock / Baby on the Merry-go-Round (Hip Circles)

2. Lunge / Hip Circles (avoid if you have pelvic pain)

3.  Cat Stretch

4. Scooping Cat / Baby in the Rollercoaster

5. Resting in a Forward Leaning Position (pick one!)

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