Deep Relaxation & Visualisation

Do not underestimate the power of your mind! Many women experience a myriad of fears and anxieties around childbirth, which is hardly surprising given the number of ‘horror stories’ we hear in the media or even from our friends.

While it is true that sometimes things do ‘go wrong’, the principle of behind positive visualisation is that “worrying is praying for what you don’t want”.

Giving the mind positive ideas and images to work with will help you to overcome the fears and anxieties that are quite normal and natural as you approach birth. The seeds of these ideas can ‘planted’ into the mind while you are in a relaxed state (similar to hypnosis) using a guided relaxation and visualisation practice called Yoga Nidra.

Baby Bond Yoga Nidra  (for any stage of pregnancy )

Inner Wisdom Yoga Nidra (for any stage of pregnancy)

Birth Rehearsal Yoga Nidra (for 34 weeks +)

Nidra is a Sanskrit word meaning “sleep” and the practice of Yoga Nidra brings us into a relaxed mental state which is similar in quality to sleep. The difference is you are still in fact awake – and through regular practice we learn to linger in that delicious place somewhere between awake and asleep, where all our greatest ideas are realised and we feel most connected with our inner feelings.

A typical Yoga Nidra practice will include most of the following elements:

  • Settling – instructions for becoming comfortable and bringing awareness to the breath.
  • Affirmations – sowing the positive thoughts of your choice in the relaxed mind (see below for ideas)
  • Rotation of Consciousness – directing the minds awareness around the phyiscal body to bring about deep relaxation.
  • Experiencing Pairs of Opposites – e.g. feeling heavy and then light – a transformative practice that trains the mind to observe sensations without judgment or attachment.
  • Breathing Awareness – e.g. counting the breaths or repaeting an affirmation on the breath.
  • Visualiasation – e.g. imagining your birth intentions becoming real or visualising your baby in the “optimal foetal position”.

Yoga Nidra is an effortless and enjoyable practice you can do on a daily basis throughout your pregnancy. I recommend you begin with this lovely Baby Bond Yoga Nidra recorded by my teacher Uma Dinsmore-Tuli. You can play it as you fall asleep at night or make time during the day for a rest in your “pregnancy nest”.

Examples of Affirmations

  • I am already the perfect mother for this baby.
  • My baby is in the optimal position for delivery (see the baby with its head engaged in your pelvis and spine against your belly.).
  • Rest in every breath.
  • I know that I have everything I need to birth my baby.
  • Be here now.
  • Every contraction is one closer to meeting my baby.
  • All is well.
  • I am relaxed, and enjoy my baby being born.
  • I am prepared for the birth that my body and baby needs.
  • I am thankful my baby can be born safely this way
  • Whenever I rest, I am doing the most important thing in the world right now.


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