Postpartum Healing Wrap, Massage and Baby Massage

Lucy offers two types of postpartum treatment – with your baby, and without.

With Baby

The first is a flexible session for new mothers along with their babies and is suitable as soon as you feel ready to leave the house. You will both be included in a treatment which is designed to nurture you together. The session may include any or all of the following according to your baby’s feeding and sleeping needs:

  • Back, neck and shoulder massage
  • Foot Soak and Massage (while you feed baby)
  • Baby Yoga and Massage Class (for playful babies)
  • Restorative body binding with blankets (swaddling for mum) and guided relaxation
  • Postnatal Yoga advice.

This session can be offered as a socially distanced Restorative Yoga and Self Care with your baby.

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Just for You – Abdominal Detox and Nurturing Wrap

The second is a postpartum abdominal massage which really requires that you are able to leave your baby with someone else so you can completely relax. If you would like to bring your baby and a helper with you that would also be ok. A separate area will be available for your helper to relax with your baby, or they could take them off for a little walk.

The massage works gradually through the layers of the soft abdomen – treating the skin and any scars, softening fascia, releasing muscle tension, stimulating the gut and the other organs of digestion. The treatment works by inducing deep relaxation and improving flow of blood, lymph and vitality through the major organs of the body.

It can aid in reducing stretch marks and in promoting good healing of scars and the layers of fascia affected by surgery.

For many women the abdomen can feel like a strange and unfamiliar part of the body after birth and this massage can help to reduce bloating, promote better muscle tone.

The abdominal detox treatment is combined with a technique from restorative yoga in which you are very tightly wrapped in blankets. This allows your whole body to release tension. The massage and wrapping technique along with rhythmic pelvic mobilisation is the ultimate in postpartum nurture and is suitable from six weeks postpartum.

It is never too late to have this treatment, even if your baby was born months or even years ago.

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Massage therapy carries an inherent risk of spreading corona virus. It is simply not feasible to maintain physical distancing while having a massage. However, we are following the advice from our professional body Federation of Holistic Therapists and we believe it is possible for us to operate in a way which minimises the risks of cross infection

Please familiarise yourself with the following procedures which we are now following:

  • We will be reducing the number of appointments available and allowing more time between clients for through cleaning of the treatment room, bathroom, front door and communal areas.
  • We will be removing all soft furnishings and fabrics that cannot be washed between clients.
  • We will not be accepting cash payments – all payments are to be made online prior to your appointment.
  • We will be operating a more flexible cancellation policy to allow you to cancel before 9am on the morning of your appointment without penalty if you or someone you are close to develops symptoms of Covid-19 (or anything else!)
  • We will be asking you to complete an online consultation form prior to every appointment.
  • Lucy will be wearing a clear visor during your treatment.

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