Abdominal Detox Massage

Abdominal Detox Massage can help relieve symptoms of back ache and release postural tension. It will improve your digestion and elimination and can help to address emotional issues (ever had a ‘gut feeling’ or a harsh word that went straight to your belly?)

The massage works gradually through the layers of the soft abdomen – treating the skin and any scars, softening fascia, releasing muscle tension, stimulating the gut and the other organs of digestion. The treatment works by inducing deep relaxation and improving flow of blood, lymph and vitality through the major organs of the body.

There are many types of abdominal massage but Lucy primarily uses techniques also known as Chi Nei Tsang, developed in Thailand by Mantak Chia and integrated with traditional thai massage. Lucy has trained with Felicity Joy and with Kru Au Kha, both direct students of Mantak Chia and expert Thai Massage Therapists.

Mother Nurture Postpartum Abdominal Massage

For many women (especially after birth) the belly can feel like a strange and unfamiliar part of our body. I combine the abdominal detox treatment with restorative yoga poses, wrapping techniques and rhythmic pelvic movements for the ultimate in nurture for your postpartum belly.


Massage therapy carries an inherent risk of spreading corona virus. It is simply not feasible to maintain physical distancing while having a massage. However, we are following the advice from our professional body Federation of Holistic Therapists and we believe it will be possible for us to operate in a way which minimises the risks and we do intend at some stage to re-open for massage bookings. This will be in line government and FHT advice.

Please familiarise yourself with the following procedures which we will be following when we do re-open for bookings. We believe that by following these procedures we can not only minimise risk, we can also make your treatment experience here really special.

  • We will be reducing the number of appointments available and allowing more time between clients for through cleaning of the treatment room, bathroom and communal areas.
  • We will be removing all soft furnishings and fabrics that cannot be washed between clients.
  • We will not be accepting cash payments – all payments are to be made online prior to your appointment.
  • We will be operating a more flexible cancellation policy to allow you to cancel up to three hours before your appointment without penalty if you or someone you are close to develops symptoms of Covid-19 (or anything else!)
  • We will be asking you to complete an online consultation form prior to your first appointment.
  • You will be provided with clean towels and robes in order to enjoy a relaxing bath or shower before your treatment.
  • For Thai Yoga Massage you will be provided with a clean set of Thai Pyjamas to wear during your treatment.
  • We will be serving you herbal tea after your treatment so you can relax and enjoy your time here and gaze on our lovely view!

Our mission is and has always been to create for you a “space to be”. We look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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