Therapeutic Massage with Oil

Lucy draws techniques from many massage traditions as well as her yoga background to meet the needs of each individual as a whole. She initially trained in “Swedish Massage” in 2004 and since devoted her entire adult life to furthering her understanding of hands-on therapy through both an anatomical perspective and a more holistic approach. She has undertaken considerable training in Thailand which informs all of her massage treatments and also offers Thai-Style “Yoga Massage” without the use of oil and Abdominal Detox Massage (sometimes known as Chi-Nei-Tsang) which is also a treatment that has been developed in Thailand.

Massage treatments using warm oil take place on our extremely comfortable therapy couch which is suitable for clients of all sizes and shapes. Your treatment can include the whole body, or be focused on specific areas. You will have the opportunity to give further information about your needs both when you book, and at the start of your appointment.

A whole body treatment typically consists of long, sweeping stroking movements to promote circulation of blood and lymph and to create an overall feeling of deep relaxation. Unless you specify otherwise, a whole body massage will include, back and shoulders, legs, feet abdomen, arm and hands, head, neck and face massage. It is thorough, but light, and can be offered in a side-lying position for pregnancy or any other circumstance where that would be preferable.

You may prefer a more targeted approach which focuses on areas such as your back, neck and shoulders, an old sports injury, or a thorough foot massage. This type of treatment will include deeper massage strokes and more specific techniques to release muscular tension.

You could also choose a Holistic Facial. Organic products are used to cleanse, tone and moisturise the skin, while specific acu-pressure points are stimulated for complete relaxation and the extraordinary feeling of having had a full body treatment.

When you make your booking you will be able to indicate what sort of treatment you would like to have. You will also have a consultation at the start of your appointment to confirm which sort of treatment will be most suitable on the day.

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Massage therapy carries an inherent risk of spreading corona virus. It is simply not feasible to maintain physical distancing while having a massage. However, we are following the advice from our professional body Federation of Holistic Therapists and we believe it is possible for us to operate in a way which minimises the risks of cross infection

Please familiarise yourself with the following procedures which we are now following:

  • We will be reducing the number of appointments available and allowing more time between clients for through cleaning of the treatment room, bathroom, front door and communal areas.
  • We will be removing all soft furnishings and fabrics that cannot be washed between clients.
  • We will not be accepting cash payments – all payments are to be made online prior to your appointment.
  • We will be operating a more flexible cancellation policy to allow you to cancel before 9am on the morning of your appointment without penalty if you or someone you are close to develops symptoms of Covid-19 (or anything else!)
  • We will be asking you to complete an online consultation form prior to every appointment.
  • Lucy will be wearing a clear visor during your treatment.

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