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Dear Friends

It is starting to feel like Summer here in Shilbottle and we have been busy in the garden shunting gravel around and planting new patches of lawn. A large amount of gravel shunting has happened over the last ten years and we are now hoping that our gravel might be able to get happily settled in its new location and stay there for the forseeable future!

Work on our new kitchen extension has not yet started and so we are carrying on as normal for the time being and planning to take some time off in August when *fingers crossed* the chaos will be at its worst and camping out at its most appealing.

Meanwhile, we have a full schedule of indoor and outdoor events and workshops taking place over the next few months and our Airbnb room will be available until the end of June and weekends in early July.

Lucy has been keeping our social media more up to date and it is always lovely to connect with those of you who use instagram, twitter and facebook.

We would be delighted to see or hear from you in the near future and send our love and best wishes,

Lucy & Henry

Events and Workshops April – August 2019

All events are also listed on our Google Calendar and Facebook Page.

If you would like more information and reminders nearer the time you can Update Your Preferences and check you are subscribed to our “Events & Workshops” newsletter which is sent more frequently.


Sunday 5, 12-2pm, Beach Yoga and Labyrinth Walk (Warkworth Beach)

Wednesday 15, 6-7pm, Relaxation and Meditation


Saturday 1, 2-5pm, Introduction to Restorative Yogawaiting list

Sunday 2, 2-5pm, Preparing for Birth with Yoga

Wednesday 12, 6-7pm, Relaxation and Meditation

Friday 21, Beach Yoga and Labyrinth Walk (Time and Location TBC)

Sunday 30, 6.30-8.30pm, Being in the Cycles


Saturday 13, 2-5pm, Introduction to Restorative Yoga

Wednesday 17, 6-7pm, Relaxation and Meditation

Wednesday 31, Beach Yoga and Labyrinth Walk (Time and Location TBC)


CLOSED Monday 5 – Friday 30 August

Beach Yoga and Labyrinth Walking


As a way of marking the seasons we have been creating beach labyrinths as a family and we would like to invite you to join us.

Each session will begin with a period of collecting stones, shells and other natural materials to mark out and decorate the path of the labyrinth. We will then gather for some movement and meditation before embarking on our individual journeys into the labyrinth.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has just one, twisting path which leads you to its centre. It is a lovely feeling to ‘arrive’ and then wind back out.

No need to book. Just turn up. Bring your own picnic. Free.

  • Sunday 5 May (BELTANE), 12-2pm, Warkworth Beach
  • Friday 21 June (SOLSTICE), Time and Location TBC
  • Wednesday 31 July (LAMMAS), Time and Location TBC

Being in the Cycles


The Summer circle will complete our first full year cycle of this women-only workshop.

‘Being in the Cycles’ is an invitation to cultivate awareness of the cyclical rhythms of nature, in particular directing attention towards the cyclical patterns of our own inner life, and respecting the needs of our female bodies. Search #beinginthecycles on instagram to find some of Lucy’s feminist yoga posts.

  • Sunday 30 June, 6.30-8.30pm, Shilbottle Community Hall, Booking via Eventbrite

Introduction to Restorative Yoga


Restorative Yoga is a restful form of practising yoga asana, using props.

Introductory workshops focus on how to recognise stress and its effects on the physical body. You will learn how to harness the power of your body’s innate relaxation response for the purpose of deep rest and healing.

  • Saturday 1 June, 2-5pm – waiting list.
  • Saturday 13 July, 2-5pm, Shilbottle Community Hall, Booking via Eventbrite.

A Space to Be Retreats

A Space to Be studio / Photographer: Paula Ansley (http://www.paularosa.photography)/© Lucy Maresh Yoga & Massage (http://www.aspacetobe.co.uk)

“The place is really special and I enjoyed the great views from my room, the good night’s sleep and perfect breakfast. It was wonderful to just go down the stairs and practice yoga, either on my own or joining Lucy’s classes. The area is amazing for walking and enjoying the coast. Shilbottle is also easy accessible by public transport from Newcastle and a good base to explore Northumberland by bus.”
– Anna, April 2019

“The house was warm, beds comfortable and so many thoughtful touches. The breakfast was delicious and our hosts very accommodating. We attended Lucy’s yoga class- it was wonderfully relaxing and the best class I’ve done.”
– Hannah, March 2019

“Chris & I thoroughly enjoyed your tremendous massages, the yoga sessions & your delicious food and not least sharing time with you.”
– Helen, February 2019


Snapshot – Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy Yoga 101 Number 2 Surya Namaskara

Lucy has been collating her handouts and writing up her thoughts on Yoga for Pregnancy in a free online guide that is available on her Mother Nurture website. The content includes a video guide to a pregnancy-friendly sun salutation and several free relaxation downloads.

Keeping in Touch

Receive our newsletter directly to your inbox quarterly or annually.


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