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Newsletter Autumn 2019

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Dear Friends

Work is now well underway on our extension and, as many of you already know, we have taken some time off this summer so we can enjoy our campervan and leave the builders to get on with some of the messy stuff!

Although it is an extension, the new rooms are being built on the same footprint as our old coal sheds so in fact the building is not getting a large amount bigger, there will just be more usable space – and we’ve even been able to recycle the bricks!

It is nice to have some time to reflect on our ten years here in Shilbottle and look through some old photos – we’ve put together some ‘then and now’ images which reflect how much transformation has already happened here, and look forward to sharing the results of this Last Big Project (we hope) with you soon.

We are not taking residential bookings until 2020 but we do have a programme of yoga classes and workshops running for the autumn, both here and at our lovely local community hall. Lucy will also be offering massage treatments again in the late afternoons and evenings from mid September.

Warmest wishes

Lucy & Henry

Then and Now at A Space to Be

View from KIln LonnenTwo Become One: when we first moved in to 4 Lee Avenue in October 2008 we had absolutely no plan to create our ‘space to be’ right here in this location. We’d been imagining something quite different – camping perhaps, and somewhere a little more off the beaten track. And yet, there is something quite magical about this little corner of Shilbottle so when the opportunity arose to purchase the house next door we seized it. One of the first things we did was install photo voltaic solar panels across the roof. Meanwhile, on the inside, there was still rather a lot of work to be done…


p1000981.jpgPerspective: When we went traveling in 2011/12 (Thailand and Nepal) this was largely to get some perspective and figure out what to do next!


Studio Then and NowYoga Studio: In 2013 we undertook a big project to unite the plumbing and central heating systems, create the yoga studio and install the underfloor heating.


Kielder Then and NowMain Guest Room: This room has had a few different purposes over the years –  it was our main living space for some months in 2008/9. The walls were dark blue and there were at least four layers of wallpaper to strip – and lots of someone else’s socks and pants that must have fallen behind the radiator! Since February 2015 this room has been let via Airbnb and as a result we have met many fabulous and interesting travelers and yogis and received lots of lovely reviews.


Up the Garden PathUp the Garden Path: Our garden has been an ongoing project and we have now reconfigured the access points, driveways and paths so many times it is difficult to remember all the different stages. We have had a lot of work to do with hedges – there were several to come out (the ones dividing the two houses) and a particularly fabulous mixed edible hedge that Henry and his Dad put in at the front. The new and permanent entrance is via what used to be the drive for ‘number 2’ and then up the winding garden path Henry has created to the yoga room door – apparently it feels like following the yellow brick road!


IMG_1540We are thinking fondly of all the people who have supported us in creating our home and business here in Shilbottle and we are grateful for your patience as we complete our current and most ambitious project yet. In 2020 we will have three bedrooms available for retreat guests, a new kitchen and dining area, a downstairs loo and shower and a utility/workshop space for laundry and, for example, rocket-building (we have home educated children!!!). There will also be a larger space for everyone to take their coats and shoes off before and after yoga class, which we are laughingly calling ‘the hugging room’. We are so happy to be able to make our ‘space to be’ a more sociable place and look forward to welcoming you back soon.

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