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Saturday 21 March – Equinox Labyrinth Walk

Travel in to the Labyrinth, around to the centre and back out again.

Like one long breath.

Updated Friday 20 March

New time – 9.00 – 11.30am (I moved this forward to make the most of the low tide)

There will be yoga at 10.00am

Please read the following instructions if you are planning to come.

Instructions for the Spring Labyrinth Walk on Saturday 21 March

COVID 19 and Social Distancing

Tomorrow’s event to celebrate the Spring Equinox is open to all, free of charge, and planned with social distancing in mind. My suggestion is not to bring young children on this occasion, unless they are young enough to be carried.

The event will be held in SILENCE. 

Due to the wonders of modern technology, there are so many ways for us to ‘chat’ with each other, so what I feel our labyrinth walk might offer us at this time is more about just being together in each other’s presence.

This is also to save my voice as shouting to everyone from a ‘safe’ 2m distance will not be good for my throat! I believe it will also create a very beautiful and peaceful feeling for us all to be together. 

I will be at the beach (Warkworth) from 9am, creating two large labyrinths, side by side. Please feel welcome to join me and to express your intention to be part of the labyrinth walk by collecting some stones, shells or seaweed and placing them around the edge of the labyrinth paths I have drawn in the sand.

At 10.00am I will be sharing some standing yoga practices for connecting with Earth and with each other.  We will form a wide circle around the labyrinths and the session will proceed in silence. Separate, but Together.

At 10.30am we will walk in the labyrinths in pairs.  One person in each pair will walk in the left hand labyrinth, the other will walk in the right. Your journeys will be similar, but slightly different. Your journey in the labyrinth will be reflected by the other person’s journey in their labyrinth. 

On completing your journey you can swap and then retreat to the dunes to watch others on their journeys. 

I will be present until 11.30am to witness your journeys and to pair up with anyone who is travelling alone!

Should the decision be made to cancel this event it will be posted here and on social media.



As a way of marking the seasons we have been creating beach labyrinths as a family and we would like to invite you to join us.

Each session will begin with a period of collecting stones, shells and other natural materials to mark out and decorate the path of the labyrinth. We will then gather for some movement and meditation before embarking on our individual journeys into the labyrinth.

Unlike a maze, a labyrinth has just one, twisting path which leads you to its centre. It is a lovely feeling to ‘arrive’ and then wind back out.

Exact times and locations of these free, family-friendly events will be posted nearer the time.

EQUINOX LABYRINTH – Saturday 21 March – 9.00-11.30am, Warkworth Beach

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