Sunday 22 March – Being in the Cycles

Yoga for Women with Lucy Maresh

Join our Spring Circle at Shilbottle Community Hall on Sunday 22 March 2019, 6.30-8.30pm.

Nurturing yoga to support womens health and wellbeing.

Booking will open in February.

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Yoga for Women

When we place the pelvis at the centre of our yoga practice, it can have powerful effects.

As well as the ‘pot’ from which the spine lengthens upwards, the pelvis is the home of the uterus (aka womb), the rectum and the bladder. A happy home for these three organs is absolutely vital for a woman’s wellbeing.

Menstrual cramps, pelvic pain, bladder leaks or needing to pee often are all very common and can be a sign that our uterus is not in its most optimal position within the pelvis, as can fertility issues.

Rhythmic movement and restorative yoga poses both help to optimise comfort for the pelvis, its organs and its much-discussed muscular ‘floor’ (which is more like a back wall but that is another story…)

This is equally the case if a woman has had any or all of her reproductive organs surgically removed.

I see yoga workshops for every issue from low back pain to emotional balance – there’s nothing strange about using yoga to pay attention to your pelvis, your womb or your menstrual cycle.


Lucy Maresh

Lucy has been practising yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2008. She completed the British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma with Tara Fraser who introduced to her ‘the viniyoga of yoga’ and the importance of adapting yoga for the individual. Lucy has studied intensively for the last decade with Uma Dinsmore Tuli (Womb Yoga) and Judith Hanson Lasater (Restorative Yoga) and regularly assists both teachers at their teacher trainings.

Lucy’s weekly classes for men and women take place at her yoga retreat in Shilbottle A Space to Be. She also teaches specialist Mother Nurture classes for pregnant and postnatal women and is an experienced massage therapist.

“I see yoga practice as an adventure, or exploration, into the workings of my own body, my own mind, and then inevitably, but very tentatively into my spirit or my soul. So, my role as a teacher is as a kind of tour guide – pointing out the key points of interest and showing you the paths I know, but encouring you too to find your own.

All the best adventures happen when you step off the beaten track and start exploring for yourself.”

You can read more about Lucy’s background, qualifications and yoga journey here.

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