A Space to Be, Yoga

On Hold – Yoga Study Days

An opportunity to immerse yourself in a complete practice of active and restorative asana, pranayama and meditation.

Each yoga day will be structured around a philosophical theme and is aimed at experienced practitioners and teachers.

Accommodation is available for anyone that would like to travel from further afield (please contact us for details).

8 & 9 April Movement, Inertia and Clarity

The theme of our first yoga days will the three guna – rajas (movement), tamas (inertia) and sattva (clarity).

In what areas might we need more ‘movement’ or flexibility, and where might be benefit from more structure, stability or ‘inertia’ in order to allow ‘clarity’ to prevail.

The two days can be booked together or independently.

Lunch will be provided and accommodation is available for anyone that might like to stay overnight.

Thursday 9 April, 9.30am-4pm, £50
Friday 10 April, 9.30am-4pm, £50

Online Booking Via Timely