Online – Yoga Courses at A Space to Be

To register your interest please contact us.

Lucy’s yoga method prioritises breathing, and movements which are coordinated with the breath.

Classes begin with a short period of rest, feeling into the body and becoming aware of the natural breath. A typical class will then include flowing sequences, some restorative poses and relaxation, finishing with breathing practices and/or meditation. Termly courses tend to follow a philosophical theme.

Courses are currently running online at the following times:

  • Thursdays, 9.30-11.00am
  • Fridays, 9.30-11.00am (therapeutic/restorative)
  • Saturdays, 9.30-11.00am

In addition there is a weekly drop-in online class on Sundays at 8pm.
Sunday Night Live

Pregnancy and Postnatal Courses are also running online via zoom.