Online – Yoga for You: 1:1 Yoga Sessions

The purpose of individual yoga tuition is to support you in developing, maintaining (or re-kindling) a regular home practice. The sessions are held in the spirit of ‘the viniyoga of yoga’, an approach to the specific application of yoga for individuals developed by TKV Desikachar. I am currently receiving training, support and supervision for this approach with Ranju Roy.

While this approach provides a fairly traditional framework for the sessions, I also bring methods and insights from outside that tradition. I have a particular interest in yoga for women and including the lived female experiences of menstruation, motherhood and menopause as part of the practice. I am grateful to my teachers Tara Fraser, Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Judith Hanson Lasater for their influence on my practice.

This does not exclude men from learning yoga with me too. All welcome.

I have well over the standard 500 hours of yoga teacher training. A full list of my qualifications is here.

Your home practice, supported by 1:1 tuition and mentoring, can be in addition to group yoga classes with myself or with other teachers.

If you are a yoga teacher, 1:1 classes can include support for your practice of teaching yoga, as well as maintaining your own personal yoga practice.

An initial commitment of three sessions over a period of 3-6 weeks is recommended (weekly or fortnightly).

Until 4 July at the earliest all 1:1 sessions will be held via video call or we can meet outside in my garden. We are currently working towards re-opening the studio in July, in line with advice from the government and the Federation of Holistic Therapists.

Please use online booking to schedule your first session or a free consultation.

What to Expect from 1:1 Yoga Lessons

Each session lasts 75 minutes and will include time for talking and time for active practice and relaxation or meditation. The first session will include consultation and may include an assessment of your posture and range of movement.

You will then be guided through a 30-45 minute yoga practice which will be tailored especially for you.  It may include postures, breathing techniques, relaxation and meditation. If the session is online, we can record this practice for you to repeat on your own.

You will also be given a written summary of the practice for you to refer back to when you practice on your own.  Your questions and feedback from your own practice will be the main focus of our 1:1 classes, though you are welcome to ask or tell me about anything that comes up in group classes (with myself or with other teachers) as well.

If you are a yoga teacher yourself, the session can include discussion about the practice of teaching yoga as well as your own personal practice.

Please use online booking to schedule your first session or a free consultation.