1:1 Restorative Yoga and Self Care Massage

A nurturing alternative to standard 1:1 Yoga lessons, this session for individuals or pairs includes a relaxing foot soak, restorative yoga, self care massage and guided relaxation (yoga nidra).

Each session is crafted to give you the space you need to nurture yourself and to empower you towards integrating these self care practices into your daily routine.

What “Self Care” means to me is addressing my needs at every level of my being – body, breath, mind, heart and soul. My intention is to offer a space for you to do this and encouragement in maintaining self care routines at home.

This session is designed to relax your life, as well as your muscles!

Restorative Yoga and Self Care Massage session includes:

  • Consultation to ensure session is tailored specifically for you
  • Warm foot bath with essential oils
  • Restorative yoga postures specific for you
  • Self massage techniques specific for you
  • Self massage with hot herbal compress
  • Guided Relaxation tailored specifically for you (this can be recorded to take away)

You will also receive a foot soak bowl to take home and a bottle of massage oil.

There is a discount if you commit to three sessions over the course of three months. Each one will be slightly different!

This session can be shared with a family member. A commitment to self care is even more powerful when made with another member of your household. You can learn some massage techniques to use on each other as well the self care massage (if you wish).

Online Booking – Restorative Yoga and Self Care

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