A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Lockdown Harvest Home Practice Resources

I’m not teaching yoga classes during August.

Here is my ‘lockdown harvest’ of online resources I have been growing to support your home practice – not just videos – there are audio relaxations and some good old fashioned stick figures too.

Separate Together articles on the website.

Home Practice Resources – video classes.

Mother Nurture Yoga – online course for pregnancy, birth and beyond.

A Space to Be Soundcloud – guided relaxation and breathing practices.

Stick Figure Sequences

Self Care Salutation – a video class including this sequence can be found in the ‘Niyama’ section of the Home Practice Resources (June 7 and 14).

Standing Salutations – a variation on the traditional sun salute which requires no getting up and down off the floor – ideal for in the garden or on the beach!

Sample Online Class

A sample online yoga class with Lucy which includes: – arriving and centering – slow and steady asana with options – breathing awareness – guided relaxation – pranayama (anuloma ujjayi) Moving slowly and steadily this practice focuses on using comfortable postures in order to lengthen and deepen the breath. It is ideal for anyone wishing to learn or practice their sun salutation, slowly and steadily, with options. Lucy talks about the five niyama – śauca saṃtoṣa tapas svādhyāya īśvara praṇidhāna (from the Yoga Sutra chapter 2 verse 32).

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