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Permission to Stop – Free Booklet

I have edited and compiled some of my posts from last year into a PDF booklet. It contains thirty eight printable pages with practice ideas, words of encouragement and favourite poems.

Less an instruction manual and more a friendly companion on your mat, I hope this booklet may support you in continuing or renewing a daily practice of deep relaxation and remind you that you are never alone.

Permission to Stop – Free PDF Booklet

To download the free printable PDF please click on the link below.

Home Practice Videos

If you would like to be guided through a full class including how to set up some simple restorative yoga poses at home, please register free for the Home Practice Resources available here.

Home Practice Audio

Audio only guided relaxations are available via Soundcloud. I recommend downloading the app so that you can listen offline.

Honesty Box Payments

The PDF booklet and video/audio resources are offered freely and you may share them with your friends and family. This is my small offering to a world which is currently under great stress and I hope these resources might reach the right people in the right places without money being an issue.

If you have benefited from this work and would like to make a financial contribution you can do so on an honesty box donations basis.

Deepen your breathing with this simple sequence of poses to explore the different areas of the lungs.

This practice is accessible for most people but if focusing on breathing in this way causes discomfort or anxiety please do not continue the practice.

You will need at least four blankets and a pillow for the relaxation at the end.

2 thoughts on “Permission to Stop – Free Booklet”

  1. Ah hello … How are you ?
    Been thinking about you all …

    I’ve just been reading though your pdf . It’s wonderful .. love the wisdom flowing through
    I’d love to do your course …the woman’s course
    When is this happening ?

    Liked by 1 person

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