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Pregnancy Yoga 8 – Pelvic Scoops and How to Sit

We have explored in previous articles how maternal positioning (ie your posture) can have an impact on foetal positioning (ie which way round your baby lies in your uterus). Spending time each day on hands and knees or in forward-leaning postures is really helpful, but not always possible.

So, here are some standing and sitting exercises can you do while you are out and about or at work.

For both of these practices it is helpful to imagine you have a tail! In fact, you kind of do – its called your coccyx and its often quite sensitive during pregnancy. You will find your coccyx right at the very bottom of your spine – see if you can feel for it with one hand (you have to go right down in between the bum cheeks) and then imagine that a lovely long tail could be attached. This will help you get the feel of the exercises on this page.

Pelvic Scoops

  • Stand with your feet a comfortable width apart, and with your body weight evenly distributed over the two feet.
  • Imagine your feet could get longer and wider, wiggle your toes, and ensure you feel nice and stable.
  • Give your imaginary tail a little ‘swoosh’ from side to side.
  • Now, soften your knees and begin to slowly lift your tail up – see how far you can lift your tail without lifting your heels. Could you imagine it as a squirrel’s tail at this point?
  • As you straighten up again, let your tail lower back down and imagine it could drop towards the floor, or even tuck right under in between your legs.
  • Continue to lift and lower your tail, allowing the pelvis to move through a kind of circular scooping movement.
  • If possible, coordinate the movement in some way with your breath.
Pregnancy Yoga 101 Number 8 Pelvic Scoops


The first of the two pictures below show a slumped or slightly rounded seated position in which I am sitting on my tail.

The second image shows a more upright seated position in which the weight is more on my sitting bones and my tail is free. The key to this posture is having enough height – your chair (or gym ball) needs to be high enough that your hips can be higher than your knees. Add a cushion or blanket if necessary. It is welcome relief for that tender coccyx and a much more stable position for your spine. Also, your baby’s weight is free to roll forward and they will be more comfy too.

Pregnancy Yoga 101 Number 8 Sitting

Seated Pelvic Scoops

  • Sit well in a chair with your hips higher than your knees and both feet on the floor.
  • Make sure you are not sitting on your ‘tail’. Add a cushion or blanket to your chair if necessary.
  • Imagine your feet could get longer and wider, wiggle your toes, and ensure you feel nice and stable.
  • Lift your breastbone, and at the same time begin to slowly lift your tail up – could you imagine it as a squirrel’s tail at this point? You will be sitting very upright. Allow your abdomen to lengthen and soften.
  • Now lower your chin, round your upper back and lower your tail back down. Gently hug your baby with your abdominal muscles. You will look like you are slouching, but as part of a conscious practice to tilt the pelvis forward and back, this is ok – the trick is not to get habitually ‘stuck’ in that position.
  • Continue to alternate between the very upright pose in which you could imagine you have a squirrel’s tail, and what feels like a slouched position where you may be sitting right on top of your tail.
  • Coordinate this movement with your breath, if possible.
  • Somewhere in between those two extremes is a comfy seated pose for you and your baby.

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