Massage, Retreats

Gift Vouchers

A Space to Be Gift Vouchers are available in any amount and can redeemed for yoga classes and workshops, massage treatments and retreats.

Gift vouchers can be purchased online and make ideal last-minute gifts as you receive a document to print or email immediately.

Unless you are in a super hurry we recommend selecting the option to send the voucher to your own email address so you can print it at home and insert it into one of our beautiful gift cards before passing it on to the recipient. We will contact you after you purchase your voucher to arrange where to send the card (provided free of charge).

You can also opt to have the voucher sent directly to the recipient’s email address either right away or on a specific date.

You can enter your own amount or choose a specific service from the drop-down menu.

Purchase a Gift Voucher

If you have any questions about purchasing or redeeming gift vouchers please don’t hesitate to contact us.