spring tide at Alnmouth
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Being in the Cycles – Spring Tides

March is here! The Spring Equinox is approaching and I have been planning to write and teach this month about balance. At this time of year we experience an almost even amount of daylight and darkness.

Getting caught out by an extra high spring tide the other week gave me the idea that ‘balance’ exists only within the context of extremes.

Initially, I was surprised to find my usual path completely flooded. I was thrown off my track, and had to take a different route to avoid wet feet. Next, I remembered that it is actually quite normal for extra high tides to occur around the time of the new or full moon. Finally, I realised that the unusual hide tide made perfect sense and was part of a larger and well documented order of things. It was still a little inconvenient, but also a little exciting!
When I returned a few days later everything seemed quite normal again.

Sometimes I get caught out by extremes within myself. There are days I feel extremely grumpy or tired and more prone to anxiety. I’ve noticed these days are often in the week before my period. They used to catch me off guard, flooding my path and distracting me.

By paying attention, I have learned to expect and even appreciate them. I tend to clear my diary a little, plan ahead some meals and warn the family that I would like some alone time. When the high tide comes in it no longer surprises or overwhelms me. I remember it is part of an order of things, a cycle of events which balances out.

As human beings we live within many cycles. It is not just the menstrual cycle that causes changes in mood or energy level. Some people are ‘morning people’ while others are more productive late at night. Most of us are affected in some way, shape or form by seasonal changes – I know many of you will be relieved that this long and isolated winter is finally giving way to Spring and the hope of a more ‘normal’ and sociable Summer.

Our adventures in ‘Being in the Cycles’ continue this Sunday with a session inspired by spring tides. If you miss the live session or would like to repeat/catch up previous ones you can access recordings here.

Being in the Cycles – Spring Tides

Sunday 7 March, 7.30-9.00pm, via zoom.

“Spring tides – finding balance within the context of extremes.”

This will be a predominantly floor based practice working with postures to facilitate the natural ‘tides’ of our breath. We will relax deeply for a feeling of ease and practice several variations of alternate nostril breathing for a sense of balance (beginner friendly).

This class is offered on an honesty box basis (which means you pay what you can). You can join us from anywhere in the world, and the practices are suitable for complete beginners, while also providing some philosophical food for thought for those with more experience.

A recording of this class is now available in the Home Practice Resources

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