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Being in the Cycles – Sunday Night Zoom

Sunday 18 April 7.30-9.00pm Blossoming Where We Are

Shortly before the full moon fire festival of Bealtaine, at a time of abundant blossom and the beginnings of Summer we will explore ‘blossoming’ within ourselves and in our own individual ways.

The philosophy of yoga teaches us that everything in the universe that exists outside of us, also exists within us. There is a space within us as deep and wide as the starry skies we might gaze into on a clear night. To practice yoga is to journey in this inner landscape, and to practice yoga ‘in the cycles’ is to pay attention to its seasons.

Sunday night zoom classes started during the lockdown of March 2020 are open to all. You can join us from anywhere in the world, and the practices are suitable for complete beginners, while also providing some philosophical food for thought for those with more experience.

The sessions are themed around the seasons of the year and in particular the eight festivals of the celtic wheel of the year. 

What this indigenous tradition shares with yoga is an attention to both our inner and outer environments. What might attention to the turning of the earth and its seasons teach us about our own inner landscapes and cycles? What might meditative awareness of our body, breath and mind teach us about the natural world and our role within in?

Previous classes are available to catch up on video by registering for Home Practice Resources.

These classes are offered on an honesty box basis (which means you pay what you can).

Future Dates:

  • 18 April – just before Bealtaine
  • 13 June – just before Summer Solstice (NB this class was previously advertised for 6 June and has been rescheduled)
  • 25 July – just before Lughnasadh
  • 5 September – approaching the Autumn Equinox
  • 24 October – ready for Samhain
  • 19 December – Winter Solstice

Women Only – Being in the Menstrual Cycles

For women only I am running a course of four sessions specifically about the experiences of menarche, menstruation and menopause. The aim is to bring more awareness to our menstrual cycles (or lack of them) and an appreciation of the cycle as a whole – each phase having its place and purpose in our overall sense of wellbeing and vitality.

We will learn yoga practices (movement, breathing and relaxation) which support us at different phases of our hormonal or life cycles.

Here is a rough outline of the four sessions:

  1. Being in the Cycles – introduction, connection and the basic practice.
  2. Sap Is Rising (Inner Spring) – menarche, maidens, pre-ovulation
  3. In Full Bloom (Inner Summer) – creativity, mothers, ovulation
  4. Harvesting and Clearing (Inner Autumn) – seeing clearly, crones, pre-menstruum, peri-menopause
  5. Blood and Tears (Inner Winter) – birth and death, grief, loss, exhaustion, menstruation

Further information coming soon!