Mother Nurture

Preparing for Birth with Yoga

A series of two workshops, each lasting two hours, for pregnant women and their birth partner/supporter. Ideally the workshop 1 would be taken at around 32 weeks pregnant and workshop 2 at around 36 weeks. However, they can be also be taken together as a one day or weekend retreat.

“The birth went so well, I spent most of the Labour at home and managed to cope with the pain using just the breathing and positions we talked about. The massage you showed M really helped and I think he liked having something to do.”

Workshop 1:

  • Creating Birth Intentions
  • The Role of the Birth Partner
  • The Stages of Labour
  • Postures, Breathing and Massage for each stage.
  • Optimum positions for labour and birth.
  • Deep Relaxation and Visualisation (with recording to take home)
  • Third Trimester Wellbeing and Oxytocin Plan

Workshop 2:

  • Revision of session 1 (and troubleshooting positions/massage)
  • Advocacy – how and what to ask as pregnancy/labour progresses?
  • Adapting to changes of plan
  • The Fourth Trimester – early days, maternal wellbeing, breastfeeding, role of partner.
  • Postnatal Recovery Yoga and Self Care Massage

“Workshop was brill and really helpful. D says he found it interesting and above all relaxing!“

Private Workshop – £80/couple – pick a time to suit you in person or on zoom.
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Group Workshop – £50/couple – in person
Sunday 18 July 10.00-12.00 (Workshop 1)
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