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Pregnancy Massage

Lucy offers both warm oil massage and thai yoga massage to pregnant women as well as 1:1 yoga sessions for exercise, birth preparation and deep relaxation.

Specialist postpartum treatments are also available for healing and closing, both with and without babies present.

During the first trimester of pregnancy, massage is considered potentially risky as the body is going through rapid changes. A restorative yoga session at this stage however would be very beneficial and could include some light, soothing massage.

Later on in pregnancy, massage can be used throughout for maintaining wellness and vitality. It boosts the immune system, the circulatory system and reduces swelling in your joints, as well as allowing you crucial quiet time to relax and connect with your baby.

Usually pregnancy massage is offered in a side-lying position so there is no need to lie on your tummy (but we can use bolsters and bean bags to make that possible if you want to!)

The treatment can take place on our extra wide extremely comfortable therapy couch, or on a comfy mat on the floor. When you book your treatment, please state whether you would prefer an oil massage or thai yoga massage.

Massage lessons are also available for couples that would like to learn techniques to use on each other.

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