Thai Yoga Massage

Thai Yoga Massage takes place on the floor on a comfortable mat and you remain clothed throughout. This is a deep, relaxing massage which also incorporates stretching techniques.

Some people say it is ‘like having a yoga class done to you’.

This is typically a whole body treatment but Lucy will work with specific postures, lines of connection and breathing techniques based on the aims of the treatment. You will have the opportunity to discuss this at the start of the appointment.

Lucy has undertaken considerable massage training in Thailand and this traditional treatment is one of her favourite to give. It involves the use of rhythmic palming, rocking and and acupressure techniques, along with facilitated stretching. Each treatment is adapted for the individual. As both a yoga teacher and massage therapist, Lucy is well placed to really tailor the style of the treatment and the stretches applied to suit each and every body.

Traditional Thai Foot Massage

This is a relaxing ritual for your feet, beginning with a warm foot soak and then a deep massage on each foot and lower leg with aromatic oils. It is practised everywhere in Thailand an essential part of everyday life!

Often combined with Thai head, neck and shoulder massage to make a complete head-to-toe treatment.

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