Mother Nurture

Yoga for You and Your Baby

Yoga and wellbeing for women and babies 0 – 12 months, online or in Shilbottle (near Alnwick) Northumberland.

These unique classes combine gentle postpartum recovery exercise for new mums with songs, massages and movements for the babies. Postnatal Yoga is healing from within and includes breathing exercises, pelvic movements, postural awareness and lifting/carrying techniques as well as relaxation with your baby. Baby massage and yoga are woven into the class so you and your baby can both be soothed and restored.

I am now taking names for Autumn Term classes. Please get in touch.

Wednesday – Rest and Restore for Mother and Baby (0-12months)

Wednesdays at A Space to Be Studio (or Zoom option) 11.30-12.30, £50 for five weeks.

This class includes restorative yoga, breathing exercises and baby massage. Suitable immediately after birth (no need to wait for six week check). Maximum of 5 women and babies in studio. Supported by WhatsApp chat, Facebook group, weekly emails and refreshments in studio.

Friday – Yoga for You and Your Baby (3-12 months)

Fridays at SHILBOTTLE COMMUNITY HALL 11.30-12.30, £50 for five weeks.

A lively class for older babies focusing on good lifting and carrying techniques, baby yoga and having fun. Suitable from 12 weeks, babies will be involved and engaged throughout. It is recommended you attend at least one course of Wednesday classes before joining the Friday class. Maximum of 11 women and babies. Supported by WhatsApp chat and Facebook group and includes refreshments.

“Makes you feel sane and provides a little sanctuary.”


“I love how the class is for both the baby and the mum and how focused and natural it is – compared to all the ‘stuff’ that comes with other baby classes”

Zoe, 2020 lockdown

“During lockdown, I was so grateful the classes were available online. They helped during pregnancy, during the recovery after birth and to bond with my baby.”

Rebecca, 2020 lockdown

“The classes were easy to follow and could be viewed at a later time so if baby was sleeping/feeding/ in a terrible mood you had something to do later in the day.”

Justine, 2020 lockdown

“I really enjoyed the online sessions and liked the fact we got to know each other and start making connections.”

Julie, 2020 lockdown

“A lovely session with a brilliant balance between focusing on post-partum mum and ideas for yoga and massage with your baby. A great way to meet like minded mums and the coffee and wrap after was lovely.”


“Lucy was my saviour, sometimes the only time in a week I dragged myself out and got dressed. A shining caring light”


“A lovely way to spend a morning with your baby and meet other mums. My baby loved the singing and I used lots of Lucy’s songs and exercises at home with my son. It’s very gentle and relaxing yoga so can be quite a treat for new mums who otherwise don’t have the time to relax.”


“Relaxed atmosphere with the babies. Lucy let’s them do their own thing and there’s no pressure. Likeminded mums attend, share experiences and get advice. Great for the postnatal body recovery. So relaxing not like any other baby/mum group in the area. Mum-centric is so unusual!”


“I really loved the songs and baby yoga. They felt less gimmicky than those in other classes and gently helped me to bond and have fun with my baby.”


For babies age 0-6 months
16 minutes of simple yoga for calming down and easing lower back pain.
The practice is gentle and suitable from about six weeks postpartum onwards, sooner if done with care. The class includes constructive rest, bridge pose, two soothing twists and knees-to-chest pose. For your baby we sing a soothing lullaby and take them on a flying trip to the Isles of Man, Skye and Mull.

Yoga for You and Your Baby Weekend Retreats

Postpartum Yoga, Postpartum Massage, Baby Yoga and Baby Massage can all be part of a Mother Nurture retreat package.

If you would like a free informal chat with Lucy before making a booking you can schedule an appointment.