Yoga Study Retreat Day

This is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a complete practice of active and restorative postures, seated breathing practices and meditation.

Overall it will be a restful and meditative experience and a chance to go deeper into both the theory and practice of yoga within in a friendly group.

8 January – Prana Vayu

Prana is the Sanskrit word used to describe the vital energy or life force which animates each and every one of us. We will look at the five types of prana known as pancha vayu (five winds).


10.00 Arrival and introduction of theme
10.30 Morning practice (asana and pranayama)
12.30 Lunch
13.30 Afternoon practice (restorative)
15.30 Meditation and integration
16.00 Close

The cost is £55 which includes lunch (earlybird £50 if you book by 10 December).

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Upcoming Study Retreat Days

Depending on numbers, these days will be held at our studio or a short walk away, at Shilbottle Community Hall. Accommodation is available for anyone that would like to travel from further afield (please contact us for details).

  • Saturday 8 January – Prana Part 2: The Five Winds (Prana Vayu)

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Yoga Study Course

Each yoga day is structured around a philosophical theme and is aimed at those with some yoga experience already.

These days can be attended as part of a yoga study course, with optional homework assignments and 1:1 mentoring to support your home practice and integration of the material.

For further information about this option please contact us.

Previous Themes

  • July 2021 – The three guna – rajas (movement), tamas (inertia) and sattva (clarity).
  • October 2021 – Prana Part 1 – nadi and chakra