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Pregnancy Yoga 3 – Breathing Love to Your Baby

This is a centering practice that can be done at any time for just a few breaths, or for longer periods (e.g. lying down for relaxation).  It’s a lovely way to connect with the babe within and remember you are pregnant during a busy working day. You can breathe love to your baby at any stage in your pregnancy and in any position – standing, seated or lying down.

If you wish to you can place your hands one on your heart and one on your baby. There is no need to make any particular effort, and it should not leave you feeling breathless.

If it is possible, allow the breath to move in and out through your nose, but this is not essential.

Breathing Love to Your Baby

Pregnancy Yoga 101 Number 3 Breathing Love to Your BabyPart One:

  • Begin with a slow, deep breath or a YAWN!
  • Now see if you can allow your breath to settle in to a naturally arising rhythm – no need to breath especially deeply or slowly – just watch as the breath rolls in and out.
  • Breath flows all day and all night without us having to remember to do it – you already know how to breathe!
  • Enjoy a deep breath or yawn whenever you feel you need it.

Part Two:

Call to mind something you feel grateful for or glad about – allow the thought to make you “warm-hearted” – you’ve got it when you want to say ‘awww’.

Now place your attention on that soft, warm feeling to the centre of your chest.

  • Inhaling, gather up the love and warmth in your heart.
  • Exhaling, send the love from your heart down to your baby.
  • Inhaling, guide your attention back to the centre of the chest – “soft, warm, heart”.
  • Exhalating, send a little more love down to your baby.
  • Continue in this way – breathing in to the heart and out to the baby.

If you are using this as a practice for relaxation in your nest allow the exhalations to softly and slowly lengthen, gently breathing you down into rest or sleep.

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