Mother Nurture, Pregnancy and Baby Loss

Postnatal Yoga after Pregnancy Loss

This page was created in memory of Roseanne Joni Tait who was stillborn on 27 June 2016. You can read more about Roseanne and her amazing Mummy Dawn here.

If you have recently experienced pregnancy or baby loss, we hope you will reach out for help by contacting the following organisations for support. We want you to know that you are not alone, and that our Mother Nurture Yoga classes (group or 1:1) are safe spaces for openly discussing loss, if you choose to.

Everyone copes with grief and loss differently. However, if you have ever lost a baby their star will remain with you forever and you may feel their loss more keenly when you direct your attention inward for yoga.  Please know all your stars are welcome at Mother Nurture Yoga.  

Organisations to contact for Counselling and Support

Postnatal Yoga Practice after Pregnancy Loss

Recovery after pregnancy loss or still birth will take time and lots of radical self-care and rest.  There is no such thing as  ‘getting back to normal’ here, only getting to know the new woman that stands in your shoes.  I acknowledge your grief, your shock and the likelihood that you have low or minimal energy.

If you have have recently been pregnant then your body will have undergone a number of physical adapations that affect you in a multitude of ways including (but not an exhaustive list)

  • hormonal changes
  • postural adaptations
  • ligament softening (which affects your physical stability, lymphatic system and digestive system)
  • heightened awareness and emotional changes.

In short, pregnancy is a completely transformative process which is why the period just following a pregnancy is so important and is called ‘postnatal’ or ‘postpartum’, however the pregnancy is ended.

Yoga practice during this period should take into account all these changes, and yoga after a loss must make space for that loss and the grief that you will inevitably be experiencing.

Three Stages of Mother Nurture Postpartum Yoga:

  1. Nurture: On all levels, make self-care your first priority – eat well, rest well, enjoy the things you love. Only once you are well-nourished on all levels can you really begin to heal. Adopting a supported relaxation pose with the knees bent up (or resting on cushions or a chair) helps to relieve back ache and makes it easier to breathe deeply and efficiently.
  2. Stability: Pay attention to your body’s craving for stable, symmetrical positions (like lying on your back!) – this will help avoid joint pain, back pain and muscle aches.
  3. Vitality: the natural consequence of nourishment and stability. It may take some time before you feel truly ‘well’ and full of vital energy.  Good food, deep rest, time outdoors and doing things you love all help create feelings of wellbeing.

If you would like to discuss some 1:1 yoga sessions or massage therapy to support you in your postpartum recovery after loss please contact us.

If you would like a guided relaxation to listen to which honours that you may be feeling sad or overwhelmed I recommend this one:

Beautiful artwork by Murphy & Me Co