Restorative Yoga Workshops

In this workshop, you will learn how to use supported yoga postures to facilitate your body’s innate relaxation response.

Many people tell me they find it hard to relax – but in the right environment with attention to comfort and warmth, our bodies are literally desperate to let go and relax.

In restorative yoga practice we use props to support the body in positions of comfort and ease, to facilitate stillness. After even just a few minutes of this supported stillness it is possible to feel a deep sense of relief.

My approach to restorative yoga is based on the teachings of Judith Hanson Lasater, with whom I have studied and assisted at teacher trainings since 2011.

Restorative Yoga workshops are currently held at Shilbottle Community Hall. Each participant will be provided with one bolster, one blanket and one belt. You will need to bring with you a second bolster (or two pillows), extra blankets, a cushion and something to cover your eyes. At the end of the workshop we gather together for some tea and cake to share experiences and ensure we are fully grounded before returning home.

Upcoming Restorative Yoga Workshops

  • Friday 15 July 09.30-11.30 – waiting list

Please contact us to be notified if spaces become available.

Safe and Sound (Keep Calm)

“Keep Calm is useless advice unless you have a trained method for self-regulation and addressed your trauma history.”

I used to think yoga was the glue that fixed me back together after some difficult times.

Now I credit yoga as the lens through which I saw that I was never really broken. 

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