Mother Nurture, With Your Baby

Preparing for Birth with Yoga

Hands-on practical workshop for you and your birth partner to learn postures, breathing and massage techniques for labour and birth.

Ideally this workshop should be taken at around 32 weeks pregnant, allowing some time to practice the techniques and to schedule a follow-up workshop if interested at around 36 weeks.

Each session is two hours with a little time afterwards for refreshments and questions.

“The birth went so well, I spent most of the Labour at home and managed to cope with the pain using just the breathing and positions we talked about. The massage you showed M really helped and I think he liked having something to do.”

Workshop Part 1:

  • Creating Birth Intentions
  • The Role of the Birth Partner
  • The Stages of Labour
  • Postures, Breathing and Massage for each stage.
  • Optimum positions for labour and birth.
  • Deep Relaxation and Visualisation (with recording to take home)
  • Third Trimester Wellbeing and Oxytocin Plan

Workshop Part 2 (if time and interest):

  • Revision of session 1 (and troubleshooting positions/massage)
  • Advocacy – how and what to ask as pregnancy/labour progresses?
  • Adapting to changes of plan
  • The Fourth Trimester – early days, maternal wellbeing, breastfeeding, role of partner.
  • Postnatal Recovery Yoga and Self Care Massage

“Workshop was brill and really helpful. D says he found it interesting and above all relaxing!“

The cost of each workshop is £100. A 20% discount is available if you have been attending pregnancy yoga workshops or have purchased the Mother Nurture Online Course via our App.

The workshop can also be shared with another birthing couple and pay £50 each – sometimes it’s possible to arrange this with your fellow participants at Pregnancy Yoga.

Please contact us to schedule your workshop.