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Yoga for You and Your Baby

A three part course for new mothers with babies aged 0-6 months.

Fortnightly on Tuesdays. 10am-12noon at A Space to Be Yoga Retreat.

Yoga for You and Your Baby Autumn Term 2022

The full course is £60 per half term, which includes all three sessions, access to the Mother Nurture online course and also some live online classes too (optional). Individual sessions can be booked for £25 if space is available. You can repeat the course as many times as you like until your baby is crawling.

  • Autumn Term 1: Tuesdays 20 September, 4 & 18 October
  • Autumn Term 2: Tuesdays 8 & 22 November, 6 December

The transition into motherhood can be challenging – we are navigating new territory in our bodies, daily rhythms and lifestyle. The emphasis of these workshops is on constructive rest for new mothers, with simple baby massage routines to help you connect and bond with your newborn.

Postnatal Yoga is healing from within and includes breathing exercises, pelvic movements, postural awareness and lifting/carrying techniques as well as relaxation with your baby.

Each session combines gentle postpartum recovery exercise for new mothers with songs, massages and movements for the babies. You can start as soon as you are ready and able to get out and about. There is no need to wait for a six week check as long as you can stand, walk and lift your baby.

“Makes you feel sane and provides a little sanctuary.”


“I love how the class is for both the baby and the mum and how focused and natural it is – compared to all the ‘stuff’ that comes with other baby classes”


“A lovely session with a brilliant balance between focusing on post-partum mum and ideas for yoga and massage with your baby. A great way to meet like minded mums and the coffee after was lovely.”


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Online Resources

16 minutes of simple yoga for calming down and easing lower back pain.
The practice is gentle and suitable from about six weeks postpartum onwards, sooner if done with care. The class includes constructive rest, bridge pose, two soothing twists and knees-to-chest pose. For your baby we sing a soothing lullaby and take them on a flying trip to the Isles of Man, Skye and Mull.

Postnatal Yoga Resources

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