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Pregnancy Yoga Workshops

Monthly on Sundays. 10am-12noon at A Space to Be Yoga Retreat. £25

Our monthly workshops are suitable for women who are 14 weeks pregnant or more. You can attend right up to your due date and beyond. Ideally you should start around week 16 of your pregnancy and attend 4-6 workshops. However, it is never too late. Women at all stages of pregnancy are very welcome to join in.

Each session includes relaxation, meditation and simple, flowing yoga sequences for pregnancy. They are non-competitive and suitable for any level of yoga practice and experience including complete beginners.

  • Sunday 10 July
  • Sunday 28 August
  • Sunday 18 September
  • Sunday 16 October
  • Sunday 20 November
  • Sunday 18 December

Please use online booking to secure your space. If no availability shows for your chosen date please contact us to join the waitlist.

Pregnancy Yoga with Lucy

Lucy is a mum of two herself and has been running groups for pregnant and postpartum women in Northumberland since 2009. Since then, hundred of women and babies have enjoyed her holistic and nurturing approach to yoga, Lucy is fully qualified in both a pregnancy yoga and postpartum yoga in addition to well over the standard 500 hours of yoga teacher training and almost twenty years of experience as a massage therapist.

Although we all know there is ‘one born every minute’, the birth of each of our babies is in fact a truly profound and transformative moment in our individual lives. Lucy’s yoga classes provide a space to honour and appreciate this journey as a rite of passage, and to connect with others along the way.

Yoga is based on an ancient philosophy which teaches us we are made of five qualities or layers – body, breath, mind, heart and soul.

Each pregnancy yoga workshop contains:

  • Postures for optimal strength, stability and comfort during pregnancy
  • Postures to support Optimal Foetal Positioning (how your baby presents for labour)
  • Movements to support good circulation and lymphatic drainage
  • Modifications and adaptations for anyone with pelvic pain or any other injury/restriction
  • Pelvic anatomy and pelvic floor awareness
  • Breathing techniques for relaxation during pregnancy and labour
  • Restorative yoga and guided relaxation specifically for pregnancy
  • Meditations on the mothering path
  • Bonding with your baby through movement, massage and sound

Each session includes a presentation and discussion on a specific theme (e.g. pelvic floor, optimal foetal positioning, breathing techniques for labour).

After the session there is time for refreshments and more general chatting.

Between sessions you can access the Mother Nurture Online Course via our Community App. Full access is granted to all workshop participants (there is no need to pay via the app).

Pregnancy Yoga Resources

“A beautiful time to check in with your body and your baby and meet other mums to be. Lucy is so knowledgeable and the classes have been so precious to me.”


“Relaxing. Supportive. Great advice. Nurturing. Through the sessions I formed a great network of support”


“I found it really helped manage aches and pains of pregnancy. The relaxation was also very needed at a time when I was quite anxious.”


“A holistic class for the body, mind and soul. Helps you look within and to connect with your baby and your journey into motherhood. You get so much more than just an exercise class, you access Lucy’s wisdom and warmth and feel at home in her class.”