Yoga Classes Online

Join Lucy for yoga, relaxation and meditation from the comfort of your own home.

Lucy’s yoga method prioritises breathing, and movements which are coordinated with the breath. The practice is experienced in a meditative way, without music.

Being in the Cycles Sundays 8.00-9.00pm.

Being in the Cycles continues online on Sunday evenings approximately once every eight weeks (timed to be close to the eight Celtic festivals). This is a yoga practice inviting you into connection with the rhythms of the earth and the rhythms of your life. Each session includes stillness, movement and breathing practices. The class can be followed gently or with vigour, or used as a time purely for deep rest and stillness. Recordings are available via the Community App. Payment for these classes is on a no questions asked ‘honesty box’ basis.

Being in the Cycles

Zoom Yoga Course Thursdays 10.00-11.30am

Lucy’s Thursday morning Zoom class is for those who already have some experience of breath-based yoga. Typically the class begins and ends lying down or seated with a more challenging standing section in the middle that can be adapted and modified if necessary. Each class is recorded and shared via our Community App so if you can’t attend live you can still practice later.

The next course runs from Thursday 22 September to Thursday 1 December with a half term week off on 27 October.

Booking this course also entitles you to several perks at A Space to Be:

  1. You receive 20% discount on any massage therapy or yoga therapy sessions at the studio.
  2. You receive a free subscription to the ‘Deepen’ section of our Community App for the duration of the term, giving you a library of 20-30minute audio and video practices you can enjoy in your own time.
  3. You have access to invite-only events and workshops and priority booking for all public workshops at the studio or the hall.

Booking is now open for the Autumn term (£80 for 10 weeks). A payment plan of £20/month spread across the term is also available – please contact us for details. Drop-ins are not available for this course.

Please note that if you book the Friday course at the hall you effectively get this Zoom course free so if you would like to mix and match between online and hall classes please book the hall course here.

Book Zoom Yoga Online

1:1 Yoga Classes / Yoga Therapy

Individual tuition is the traditional way to learn yoga and is also available online on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or ad hoc basis.

1:1 Yoga Therapy

Online Yoga Class with Lucy Maresh

A sample online yoga class with Lucy which includes:
– arriving and centering
– slow and steady asana with options
– breathing awareness
– guided relaxation
– pranayama (anuloma ujjayi)
Moving slowly and steadily this practice focuses on using comfortable postures in order to lengthen and deepen the breath. It is ideal for anyone wishing to learn or practice their sun salutation, slowly and steadily, with options.

Lucy talks about the five niyama – śauca saṃtoṣa tapas svādhyāya īśvara praṇidhāna (from the Yoga Sutra chapter 2 verse 32).

Home Practice Resources

There are more yoga videos with Lucy available via our Community App

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