Being in the Cycles, Yoga

Being in the Cycles

This year we will be celebrating each seasonal turning point in the year with an online yoga class and an outdoor labyrinth walk. You can attend any or all of the programme – travelling with us through the whole of the year, or just dipping in for one or two events.

Payment for these classes is on a no questions asked honesty box basis- no-one should feel excluded due to lack of funds.

Being in the Cycles – Online Yoga – Sundays 8.00pm

Each of the eight sessions invites you in to connection with the rhythms of the earth and the rhythms of your life through stillness, movement and breath. The class can be followed gently or with vigour, or used as a time purely for deep rest and stillness. The practices will be recorded and made available to all who register.

Next online yoga class: Sunday 7 August – 8.00pm

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Being in the Cycles – Outdoor Yoga and Labyrinth Walking – variable

The precise dates, times and locations of our labyrinth walks will vary according to season, weather and tides so please ensure you are subscribed to our newsletter to be notified as dates are announced. Registration is essential for each event if you wish to receive notifications of any last minute changes.

Please note that the default address supplied by our booking system is the studio address and this will appear on your booking confirmation – look out for a separate confirmation directly from Lucy which will confirm actual meeting location and any further instructions for each labyrinth.

Next labyrinth walk: Thursday 11 August Sunset/Moonrise Lammas Labyrinth 8.30pm at ALNMOUTH. It is free, but please register so I can send you all the info you need.

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What is Being in the Cycles?

“Everything in the cosmos, great and small, lives in the Self.”

Mundaka Upaniṣad 2.2

The philosophy of yoga teaches us that the macrocosm of the universe exists within the microcosm of the body. To practice yoga is to journey in this inner landscape, and to practice yoga ‘in the cycles’ is to pay attention to its seasons.

As we journey through the eight festivals this year we will also encounter each of the eight limbs of yoga like a series of gates we will pass through on our path.

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