Separate Together Retreat

Action and Reflection (abhyāsa vairāgya)

"Yoga is a process of action and reflection."Judith Hanson Lasater Sometimes we may be taking a stance, making an action or deliberately changing something about our body or our breath. At other times we allow ourselves to step back and to reflect, to remain curious and to witness ourselves from a wider perspective.  Both of… Continue reading Action and Reflection (abhyāsa vairāgya)

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Labyrinth Meditation

Six minutes of meditative practice with a finger labyrinth and alternate nostril breathing. You will need a comfortable place to sit and a pen and paper. It can be done sitting at a table. Once you are familiar with how to construct your labyrinth you can make one from fabric, string, beads, pebbles or other… Continue reading Labyrinth Meditation

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Self Care Facial Massage Recorded live, July 26 2020. Self care face massage based on ayurvedic marma points.For relaxation and facial rejuvenation - grab your favourite face cream or essential oil.(8 min 46 seconds) This is an excerpt from the final Sunday Night Live class. To access the whole one hour class "Opening from Within" please register here.

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Opening from Within (aparigraha)

My classes this month have contained opportunities to explore opening and closing and what I have been describing as 'unfurling' - a journey from flexion to extension. For me, unfurling implies an opening that somehow seems to come from inside us. This is the way I understand aparigraha.  Aparigraha is the fifth of the yama, usually translated… Continue reading Opening from Within (aparigraha)