Relaxation & Meditation Course

aspacetobe_lucymaresh_2015_sq8 Week Meditation Course

£48 per person

No courses are currently scheduled.

Please contact us to register your interest.

Suitable for any level of practice including complete beginners, this course will include practices lying down, standing up and sitting (can be in a chair). We will cover some basic anatomy and yoga philosophy to help understand the body-mind connection and benefits of these restful practices.

Relaxation & Meditation in the Yoga Tradition

  • Learn how to “switch off”, “let go” and sit “still”!
  • Find alignment and minimise effort in standing, seated and lying positions.
  • Release tension and maximise your breath.
  • Increase your capacity for stillness.
  • Learn about the Eight Limbs of Yoga and understand how Yoga for the body and Yoga for the mind are intricately linked.
  • 8 week commitment and 8 week support!
Week Date Content
1 Yama: practising kindness towards ourselves – finding comfort and ease in resting poses.
2 Niyama: cultivating consistency in practice and working with affirmations.
3 Asana: finding comfort and ease in seated meditation poses.
4 Pranayama: adventures with the breath.
5 Pratyahara: practices to internalise the senses.
6 Dharana: practices for concentration and focus.
7 Dhyana: practices for meditative absorption.
8 Samadhi: abiding in our true nature.

Future Course Dates


3 Responses to Relaxation & Meditation Course

  1. Jean Baird says:

    A comfortable, gentle approach to preparing the body, mind and breath ready for meditation. Thoroughly enjoyable and relaxing experience in a safe space. Thank you.

  2. Sara Eke says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed the meditation course recently. Lucy is an excellent teacher with a lovely calm manner. Not convinced that I can now meditate myself but will have a good try! Hope to attend more classes soon.

  3. Rosie says:

    If you are looking for an oasis of calm in your busy week or just needing to aquire the discipline of regular easy
    Meditation and focus, this is an excellent class. Lucy explains in calm gentle tones and allows you to find
    Your own way .

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