Registration Form – Day Retreat

Thank you for booking your Yoga Day with us.

This web page contains a consultation form for you to complete on or before your arrival. The form is completely confidential and arrives in my email inbox. If you have any trouble with it please send me an email.

I look forward to meeting you soon,


Day Retreat Itinerary

0930 Foot bath and consultation
1000 Yoga for You (tailored yoga session)
1115 Break
1130 Massage of your choice (75mins or 2x35mins)
1300 Lunch (vegetarian) and free time
1500 Depart

How To Prepare and What to Expect

  • What to Bring: All equipment is provided but if you prefer to bring your own you are welcome. Please wear comfortable clothing for your yoga session. If you’d like to bring a book or craft there will be some time after lunch for you to enjoy the space and do your own thing. If you’d rather get out for a walk you may wish to bring your boots!
  • When You Arrive: please park on the drive if there is a space. Follow the gravel garden path all the way to the studio entrance. You may let yourself in. Straight ahead there is a toilet and shower room dedicated for your use and coat pegs just outside. Please store coats and bags here, wash your hands and join me in the studio when you are ready.
  • Consultation/Settling: we start the day with a discussion and consultation. If you wish, you can enjoy a warm foot bath while we get to know each other and play your yoga and massage sessions.
  • Face Coverings: It is not necessary to wear a face covering on our premises, during your consultation or on your yoga mat. It is still recommended however to wear a face covering during close contact services (e.g. massage) and I am continuing to wear mine during your treatment. It is your choice whether or not you wish to wear yours.
  • Covid Symptoms / Testing: I do not expect you to have done a Covid test before your treatment unless you have symptoms.

Consultation Form