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Online – Sunday Night Flow and Restore – Yama

Sunday evening online classes continue throughout July on the theme of yama. We will explore the yama through accessible asana and restorative practice. If you have any specific concerns about your ability to participate please contact me before the class. Typically the class will include some movement from standing or seated, followed by supported postures, relaxation and a meditative practice.

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Treading Lightly (asteya)

"Walk as if you were kissing the earth with your feet"Thich Nhat Hanh The third of the yama is asteya which means not-stealing. Although I'm sure we are all honest and trustworthy people in this community, a practice of asteya might also include attention to situations in which we might inadvertently 'steal' someone's words, time,… Continue reading Treading Lightly (asteya)

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

The Duck Index (satya)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0p1-MGTK_8 "What hungry ducks they are - they're eating it!" The second of the Yama is Satya, which means truthfulness.I am sure most of us consider ourselves to be quite honest or truthful people. Have you ever said you would help out with something when actually you were really busy though? Have you ever said… Continue reading The Duck Index (satya)

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Restorative Yoga and Self Care Massage

During the corona virus pandemic I have put a lot of thought into Self Care. Unable to offer my usual array of therapeutic and nurturing massage and yoga sessions I have had to reflect deeply on what it is I offer, and how. So, in addition to standard 1:1 Yoga lessons, I have created this… Continue reading Restorative Yoga and Self Care Massage

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Keep On Stopping (ahimsa)

Lockdown in England is starting to ease. There are so many things to consider both at a personal level and for my business. I feel agitation arising within me.  How this manifests for me is a fluttery feeling in my chest, tension in my head, tiredness in my eyes, loss of appetite, withdrawing from my family,… Continue reading Keep On Stopping (ahimsa)

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Labyrinth Meditation

Six minutes of meditative practice with a finger labyrinth and alternate nostril breathing. You will need a comfortable place to sit and a pen and paper. It can be done sitting at a table. Once you are familiar with how to construct your labyrinth you can make one from fabric, string, beads, pebbles or other… Continue reading Labyrinth Meditation