Restorative Yoga Workshops

vipareeta_summer2014 (2)Restorative Yoga is a restful way of practising, using props. As the body rests in the restorative postures, the nervous system switches to calmness and a deep inner healing mode. It is a Yoga of ‘Being’, rather than a Yoga of ‘Doing’.

Saturday workshops provide a nourishing afternoon of quiet Yoga practice followed by tea and delicious home made cakes. It is an opportunity to unwind, to reboot, to meet new friends and practice some serious self-nurture.

We will practice just five poses – all completely supported with bolsters, blocks and blankets – soothing our muscles and moving the spine in all directions – back bend, forward bend, inversion, twist and a neutral relaxation pose.

At the end of the workshop we gather together for some tea and cake to share experiences and ensure we are fully grounded before returning home. Alternatively you can settle in to our quiet guest room for the evening and enjoy a relaxing massage treatment and good night’s sleep! Breakfast in bed is served on Sunday morning leaving you free all day on Sunday to explore the beautiful area. Extra nights available on request.

2017 Restorative Yoga Workshop Dates

Saturday 12 August, 1-4pm
Saturday 9 September, 1-4pm
Saturday 11 November, 1-4pm
Saturday 9 December, 1-4pm
Saturday 16 December, 1-4pm

How to Book a Workshop Online

You can book online and pay by Paypal. This immediately guarantees your place in the workshop. To do this you need to click on the link below and navigate to the date of the workshop you wish to book. Select the time of the workshop (13.00) and you will be prompted to enter your contact details and proceed to payment (via Paypal).

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How to Book a Workshop “Offline”

If your prefer not to use the online booking system you can simply contact us by telephone or email. You will be sent an email invoice which includes a link to pay by Paypal. Your invoice can also be paid with cash or cheque in person or by post.

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How to Book a Residential Workshop

If you wish to stay the night here please start by checking our availability on Airbnb. You can send a Booking Request through Airbnb and let us know in your message that you wish to book a workshop (and any other classes or treatments). We will then ask you to pay either the full amount or a £99 deposit for your stay through Airbnb. Any balance can be paid in person at the end of your stay.

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