Our Christmas gift to you this year is a new A Space to Be Community App which we have been working on so that all my digital resources (audio, video and written) can live together in one place.

We are currently inviting you to take a sneak preview of what we are building by becoming a Founder Member.

We have chosen this platform ( because:

  • it seems intuitive to use
  • it supports audio content so you can practice screen free
  • it supports offline listening so you can practice away from wifi
  • it has a community feature that is away from social media – this is our own private space

Having spent a decade creating our small-but-perfectly-formed studio in real life, it has been a sometimes hard and emotional journey to relocate my teaching to an online space. It has sometimes felt a bit like teaching yoga in the middle of the market square, or on a street corner. 

We really want our online space to be a sanctuary just like our physical space – a place of refuge, a place of safety – somewhere you can ‘just be’, away from the myriad distractions and diversions of our busy and beautiful lives. 

To test drive our new app please click below or select ‘Community’ from the main menu.

A Space to Be Community App

Warm wishes,

Lucy X