Lucy’s yoga method prioritises breathing awareness and mindful movement. Classes begin with a short period of rest, feeling into the body and becoming aware of the natural breath. A typical class will then include flowing sequences, some restorative poses and relaxation, finishing with breathing practices and/or meditation.

Weekly Yoga Classes with Lucy Maresh

All classes cost £10 and must be booked in advance.

There is currently a waiting list for regular spaces in most classes, but drop-in places are usually available for our retreat guests and other visitors. Unfortunately, it is not currently possible to book these spaces online so we welcome you to contact us.


Weekend workshops and retreats can be booked instantly online.

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“For me, yoga practice is an adventure, or exploration, into the workings of my own body, my own mind, and then inevitably, but very tentatively into my spirit or my soul. I see my role as a teacher as a kind of tour guide – pointing out the key points of interest and showing the well-trodden paths, but all the best adventures happen when you step off the beaten track and start exploring for yourself.”

You can read more about Lucy’s background and yoga journey here.