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Snow Days – Golden Seed Sequence

[UPDATE – we will remain closed due to the snow until Monday 5 March]

Many thanks to our local farmer Richard Brewis who helped to dig us out after the storm!

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Here are some home practice suggestions for while we are closed:

The Golden Seed Sequence

This is the sequence we have been working with in most classes this term. Here is a video of ‘Golden Seed’  sequence creator Paul Grilley talking through the movements. He explains well the difference between the sections where you round your spine (flexion) and those where the back is kept ‘straight’ or flat (extension). The demonstrator is his super flexible wife Suzee – beautiful to watch!

You can download my stick figure diagram with seated and kneeling variations below (click on the image for a bigger, printable version.Golden_Seed

Yoga Nidra

One from the archives.