A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Labyrinth Meditation

The unicursal (one path) labyrinth is an ancient symbol found across cultures and across time. It is the perfect way to go travelling when all other travel plans are cancelled!

You just put one foot in front of the other and follow the path. It twists and turns in a disconcerting way, but you will always arrive at the centre. The same path will wind you back out – “like one long breath”.

I’m heading to my local enormous, spacious beach to create a path in the sands and celebrate Spring Equinox. Anyone who plans to join me please the read information here first and take social distancing seriously. There is no need for us to get any closer than the recommended 6ft/2m.

For those unable to join me (from a distance) outdoors I have three labyrinth-themed ideas you can do at home.

1. Labyrinth Doodle Meditation

Drawing a labyrinth is not as tricky as it looks – there is a system! Please do check out my new video tutorial on YouTube. I am very proud of it. I will be using the same method to create my labyrinth drawings on the beach so if you can learn to draw it on paper and trace with your fingers, you too could make your own path to walk in the Great Outdoors on your own.

2. Bed Sheet Labyrinth

Once you can draw a labyrinth on paper, it’s only a small step to create an indoor path on a bedsheet. It’s a surprisingly long walk round your living room for anyone cooped up inside!

3. Yoga Nidra

0814147B-9DB5-496A-B532-3E7D26DBC6DDI’ve linked today to a practice I recorded at autumn equinox, very much inspired by experiences in the double labyrinth. The practice works with by alternating awareness of breath in the left and right sides of the body – a classic yoga technique for balance and equilibrium (a labyrinth walk inside your brain).

Yoga Nidra for Balance

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