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You Are Complete

"Polish the mirror until you can seeYourself with soft eyes, compassionatelyStep through the doorway, you hold the keyPierce the veil of illusionYou are complete." - Luc Acke These beautiful words are from my friend and fellow yoga teacher Luc Acke in Belgium. They are not just poetic words but also the lyrics to a song… Continue reading You Are Complete

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Prioritising Wellbeing Over Productivity (an Ode to Jacinda)

The political is personal. I first became aware of Jacinda Ardern when she announced last year that the New Zealand budget would "prioritise wellbeing over economic growth". What might it look like in my own personal life, to prioritise my wellbeing over my productivity?

A Space to Be, Separate Together Retreat

Safe and Sound (Keep Calm)

"Keep Calm is useless advice unless you have a trained method for self-regulation and addressed your trauma history." I used to think yoga was the glue that fixed me back together after some difficult times. Now I credit yoga as the lens through which I saw that I was never really broken.