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Spring is not Cancelled

Sharing today a beautiful Springtime image from artist David Hockney and his reminder that ‘they can’t cancel the Spring’.


Do remember they can’t cancel the spring © David Hockney

Indeed, this weekend is the Spring Equinox, where here in the Northern hemisphere, we have even hours of daylight and darkness.

I have been marking the seasons for some time by creating labyrinths on my local beach and I intend to go ahead with my planned event this Saturday. If you are local and not in complete self-isolation mode, please feel welcome to join me. We will be walking in two large labyrinths, side by side. There will be plenty of space for us to keep social distance and the event will also be held in silence.

Further details and instructions to join in.

Guided Relaxation – Sun Rise in the Landscape of the Body

Last year I recorded this yoga nidra for the Spring Equinox.


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