Mother Nurture, Postnatal

Postnatal Yoga Part 3 – Vitality

Vitality arises as the result of adequate nourishment and stability.

Even when we are very tired, yoga offers us tools for focusing on the vitality in the body and literally locking it in!

Vitality-boosting practices include opening the chest and mobilising the shoulders to welcome inhalation and all that life has in store.

Vitality-locking practices include working with the feet and pelvic floor to create feelings of strength and support. Yoga is not just about exercise, fitness or expending our energy – yoga also teaches us about conserving our energy by moving and breathing more efficiently and effectively.

Raising the arms and opening the chest can be an important practice for strengthening the back and feeling able to stand tall (even when you may feel like crumpling into a heap).

This is a simple practice you can do with a scarf between your hands.

  • Standing or sitting comfortably, hold the scarf/belt at about shoulder width, or slightly wider.
  • As you inhale, raise your arms, keeping the scarf/belt taught.
  • Hold the position for a full round of breath (exhalation and inhalation), maintaining the open-ness in your chest and abdomen.
  • As you exhale, lower the arms and give your baby a little tickle with the scarf (or play peek-a-boo!)

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