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Mother Nurture Yoga with Lucy Maresh

Lucy has been running yoga groups for pregnant women and babies here in North Northumberland since 2009. These classes include prenatal yoga, birth preparation, postnatal yoga, baby yoga and massage, relaxation and meditation for mothers and babies and opportunities for friendship and connection.

Mother Nurture

Yoga for You and Your Baby

Yoga and wellbeing for women and babies 0 - 12 months, online or in Shilbottle (near Alnwick) Northumberland. These unique classes combine gentle postpartum recovery exercise for new mums with songs, massages and movements for the babies. Postnatal Yoga is healing from within and includes breathing exercises, pelvic movements, postural awareness and lifting/carrying techniques as… Continue reading Yoga for You and Your Baby

Mother Nurture

Postnatal Yoga Part 1 – Nurture

Nourishment (noun): the food necessary for growth, health, and good condition. It is not just our babies that need nourishment. The first weeks and months of mothering can be like a rebirth for ourselves as we grieve for the woman that was and get to know the new mother in her shoes. It is a… Continue reading Postnatal Yoga Part 1 – Nurture

Mother Nurture

Postnatal Yoga Part 2 – Stability

Stability (noun): the state or quality of being stable / firmness in position. This is an image of my favourite baby toy - it perfectly represents the subtle balance of alignment, strength and tone required to keep a body in good shape. If one of the elastic bands (muscles and ligaments) gets too tight or… Continue reading Postnatal Yoga Part 2 – Stability

Mother Nurture

Postnatal Yoga Part 3 – Vitality

Vitality arises as the result of adequate nourishment and stability. Even when we are very tired, yoga offers us tools for focusing on the vitality in the body and literally locking it in! Vitality-boosting practices include opening the chest and mobilising the shoulders to welcome inhalation and all that life has in store. Vitality-locking practices… Continue reading Postnatal Yoga Part 3 – Vitality

Mother Nurture

Three Back-care Solutions for New Mothers

Back pain of various types is a common story in my Mother Nurture Yoga classes for pregnancy and postnatal recovery. From slight niggles to debilitating aches I have met a lot of women who are managing back pain and offer you here three possible solutions: RestMoveStabilise Mother Nurture Yoga classes are ‘safe’ for many common… Continue reading Three Back-care Solutions for New Mothers